Talking Town - Ipswich Town FC Podcast - By the Fans for the Fans of #ITFC

#itfc dominate Wednesday winning 0-1 LIVE FAN REACTION -#SWFC #SheffieldWednesday #ipswichtown

September 17, 2023 HDR Media Season 3 Episode 13
Talking Town - Ipswich Town FC Podcast - By the Fans for the Fans of #ITFC
#itfc dominate Wednesday winning 0-1 LIVE FAN REACTION -#SWFC #SheffieldWednesday #ipswichtown
Talking Town - Ipswich Town FC Podcast - By fans +
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Show Notes

HDR Media is proud to present Talking Town 

Talking Town is an independent ITFC Fan network and is the home of uncensored opinions with a firm bias towards Ipswich Town F.C 

So, wherever your football opinion lands, tune in and hear passionate hardcore ITFC Fans sharing their thoughts.
We also put YOU at home firmly at the centre of the conversation with the ability to have your say LIVE on the show or through our LIVE chat. You can shape the narrative as a show unfolds. 
Talking Town really is the platform where the voice of the fan is heard! 

 Tune in for our Matchday previews, watch along, Match Reactions, and our regular podcasts, and stay for the passion, the banter, and the laughs. Talking Town is a community built around Ipswich Town F.C 
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⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Football is a vibrant game and fans are passionate. Colourful language is sometimes used, and controversial opinions are expressed. Content is often streamed live, and we are not always able to edit or censor material in advance. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. The thoughts, views and opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily purport to be or reflect those of Talking Town.

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